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Street Children In Bangladesh

June 29, 2019

The main goal of the project is to provide for street children of the Uttara area some play activities, supplementary nutrition, medical assistance, winter clothing, cultural experiences, literacy education, employment training and promotion, and behavioral guidance. The project aims to give these children some of the basic care which they are entitled to but not provided presently by society and provide them respect and support in their difficult lives.

There are an estimated 4 million street children in Bangladesh. A street child is someone "for whom the street has become his or her habitual abode and/or source of livelihood; and who is inadequately protected, supervised, or directed by responsible adults". Street children do not go to school; instead they sell things in the streets or do other jobs as their parents earn less money or do not work. Many of the street children in Bangladesh die young as they are not properly taken care of.

The project will provide some daily nutrition, medical help, education and cultural opportunities, play activities, winter clothing, adult guidance, protection from violence and improved employment opportunities for about 120 street children in the Uttara area of Dhaka. These children will know they are loved and cared for and can bring any problems to the PEP staff. As children age, mature and become independent, they know they can return for additional help or guidance.

Long-Term Impact
The children come to realize that they are valued and can rely on society to accept them and help them. The local community, which formerly looked down upon them and mistrusted them, learns that they are actually fine young people. When helped and given the opportunity, they reduce fighting, thievery, gambling, and drug consumption and behave well. Both children, their families (if any) and the local community learn to live in harmony.

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